Dismay Idea

The council of gods brought together the 3 main worlds that were most important to the miltia.

Noctis, Earth, and Elemia.

the three worlds working hand in hand to keep things in order. each holy and unholy god was expected to be their to discuss the situations growing in their lands weather for help advice or anything that may be of issue.

jennovah found june fascinating because of his kindness even though he was an unholy being. and always taking an interest in him, being close, touching his cheek and wanting to always talk to him. tazzet found it extremely disgusting.

unholy and holy beings were never suppose to interact nor be friendly to one another though not fond of june he could not to anything to disrupt another world. nor did he have the power for being 3rd in the worlds place.

his eyes set to jennovah who reigned holy on the grounds of earth. thinking jennovah had become too soft and unfitting for the role he played. it was his time to take what he felt was rightfully his.

The council returned to their positions. tazzet beginning his army ready to use the middle grounds of earth to reign hell on both the humans and heavens. knowing full well that if he caused pain and suffering on them the heavens had to come and protect. causing them to fall into the trap of a great war between heaven and hell.

Kazzet. the twin brother of tazzet who had grown up with him, though close in family did not agree’ kazzet being the oldest threw away the position of satan and gave it away to tazzet. not wanting to destroy and be considered something he never agree’d with. in the process falling in love with an arch angel named claudia. he could never bring himself to hurt her. after hearing his brothers plans to destroy the heavens. kazzet set out on a way to gain power and stop his brother from the destruction and taking over of the heavens not only to save the humans and heaven but to save the woman he had truely loved as well.